Previous Cases


Truck vs. Sleeping Driver

A driver was resting in the sleeper portion of his parked truck when the vehicle was struck at low speed by another truck. The driver’s vehicle was moved about 4 feet as a result of the collision, and the driver was ejected from his bunk, falling onto the floor of the truck. He suffered neck and back injuries as a result of the accident, resulting in substantial disability. Shaw Black Consulting was asked to determine if the accident could have been responsible for the driver’s injuries. After rigorous biomechanical analysis, it was determined that the driver’s neck injuries could have been caused by the forces generated during the accident.


Who Was Driving?

Four individuals were driving in a late model car at high speed after a night of drinking. The car went off the road at a high rate of speed, and slammed into a rocky hillside. One of the passengers died as a result of the accident. There were conflicting statements as to who the driver of the car was. Shaw Black Consulting was asked to review the medical records and photographic evidence of the accident to determine who had been driving the car at the time it struck the hill. Our consultants determined that the individual who claimed to be the front passenger was actually the driver, after using rigorous quantitative image analysis and correlation of the blood patterns on the surfaces inside the vehicle with the various passengers’ injuries.